Opportunities to make your own miniature bouquets

Cut flowers for decorative effect

1st - James and Caroline Banton

Class 75  - one single stem rose

1st  -  James and Caroline Banton

Cut flowers -  Classes 73 -75

Fuchsias  - Classes 59 - 66

Class 66 -  Six different blooms  - Fuchsias

1st  -  Lyndon Clements

Class 57 -  1st prize  Colin Nicklin

Class 72 - Display of 3 pot plants

1st -  Dave Collishaw


Starting the staging  of flowers

                               on Saturday


Class 68 - Coleus

1st prize - Lyndon Clements

Beauvale Horticultural  Show 2018

What a fantastic show!

In spite of the complaints about the weather we have had throughout 2018, the exhibitors  produced an array of great  looking vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers.

There were more entries in the Flower Art classes, which were greatly appreciated by the public.

Numbers of exhibitors were up by a small amount, and the public came even though the weather  was a little inclement.

Beauvale Horticultural Show